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Tamiya Panel Line Accent Colour (40ml)


Please note this item is not currently offered for purchase through our online store. You can visit Branchline to view and purchase the range or give us a call at (03) 9723 1211 to check stock.


This unique paint is a heavily reduced enamel paint. This paint takes advantage of the natural surface tension of the recesses on model kits (such as panel lines) and flows easily through these parts of the model's surface, shading the low-light sections. This helps to provide extra definition and add a sense of scale. After the paint has been allowed to dry for roughly half an hour, the excess can be cleaned off of the surface with a cotton bud.

Due to the significant level of enamel thinners in this product, we recommend using this only in well ventilated areas. Also be aware that the thinners contained in this paint can interact and soften the paint layers underneath it. It's always best to check the compatibility with various paint ranges on a scrap piece of plastic before using it on your model kits. In general, the paint shouldn't react with acrylic or lacquer based paints underneath it, but even when using these allow them to fully cure before adding Tamiya Panel Line Accent Colour.

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