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Peco SL-427 OO9/HOe Wagon Turntable



Wagon Turntables were usually used to turn wagons through 90 degrees to access spur roads into warehouses etc. For narrow gauge models built to either 00 (4mm) or H0 (3.5mm) scale and running on 9mm gauge track, this range depicts the slightly worn out old track of a picturesque old railway. It is compatible with the Peco 009 Setrack rigid track system.

The unit is entirely plastic, and does not supply power to locomotives.
Original price $2.75 - Original price $2.75
Original price
$2.75 - $2.75
Current price $2.75
Peco HOe/OO-9 Streamline Code 80

Peco HOe/OO-9 Streamline Code 80

Streamline ranges incorperate flexible lengths of track which can be manipulated to form far more geometric options, but represents a need for more expertise in both layout building and track planning.

Code 80 (rail height of 0.08")