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Peco SL-1500 HOn3 Flexible Track, Wooden Sleeper Code 70



Gauge: HOn3 (10.5mm)

Rail Profile: Code 70

Three feet was the gauge chosen by American railroad engineers faced with the task of bringing full sized trains into mountainous terrain. The matching turnouts feature our new versatile Unifrog design which can be operated, powered and switched like an Electrofrog or left unpowered if preferred.

Length: 914mm / 36inch
Original price $10.95 - Original price $10.95
Original price
$10.95 - $10.95
Current price $10.95
Peco HOn3 Streamline Code 70 + 75

Peco HOn3 Streamline Code 70 + 75

Streamline ranges incorperate flexible lengths of track which can be manipulated to form far more geometric options, but represents a need for more expertise in both layout building and track planning.

Code 70 + 75 (rail height of 0.070" or 0.075")