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Peco SL-1200 TT: 120 Code 55 Fle



Gauge: TT (12mm)

Rail Profile: Code 55

Use SL-310 metal joiners and SL-1208 joining sleepers. Use SL-311 insulating joiners to create isolated track sections (if using DCC control these are not required).

Length: 914mm
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Peco TT:120 Streamline Code 55

Peco TT:120 Streamline Code 55

Streamline ranges incorperate flexible lengths of track which can be manipulated to form far more geometric options, but represents a need for more expertise in both layout building and track planning.

Code 55 (rail height of 0.055") is a finescale standard for TT Gauge model railway. Because it utilizes the same joiners as code 80 in Peco's range, it can be used to expand on Hornby's range of TT Gauge railways (which is code 80), although the appearance between the 2 systems are slightly different.