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Peco PSG-004 Pro-Grass Detailer Static Applicator



Information from Peco's website:

Designed for modellers to give access to awkward corners of the layout, the PECO scene Pro-Grass Detailer Applicator is a great addition to the range. Featuring a comfortable handle to hold and a long, slender neck to reach into cramped areas of the layout with ease, the applicator makes the addition of static grass around structures and track so much easier to achieve. Conveniently, the applicator is also supplied with two interchangeable sieve heads - one flared, the other straight, both of which can accommodate up to 6mm static grass fibres, and give the modeller options when deciding how much coverage is required. Powered by a 9v battery (not included), the applicator switch also lights up to indicate when power is on.
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