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Kato 20-853 Unitrack Master Set M2



Gauge: N (9mm)

Rail Profile: Code 80

The M2 Basic Oval and Siding track set consists of a 3' x 6' oval of Kato UNITRACK (12 3/8" radius curves).
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Original price
$350.00 - $350.00
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Kato Unitrack - Track Packs

Kato Unitrack - Track Packs

Kato Unitrack is a large and varied range manufactured in Tokyo Japan.
It features non-adjustable fixed length/ radius track pieces, with a
pre-formed and pre-modelled track bed.

The track packs are grouped into 2 main catagories. "M" or Master packs contain train controllers and contain everything you need to get started, except the train itself. "V" or Variation packs contain lots of track, which can be used to extend onto an "M" pack or any of Kato's Train Sets.