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Kato 20-283 Electric Turntable



Gauge: N (9mm)

Rail Profile: Code 80


Control box

Control box AC Adapter

35" Ribbon connector cable

4 x Straight Extension Tracks

6 x Bumper Track fittings
Original price $495.00 - Original price $495.00
Original price
$495.00 - $495.00
Current price $495.00
Kato Unitrack - Turntable Track

Kato Unitrack - Turntable Track

Kato Unitrack is a large and varied range manufactured in Tokyo Japan.
It features non-adjustable fixed length/ radius track pieces, with a
pre-formed and pre-modelled track bed.

The Turntable in Kato's range features its own DC controller and extension pieces to customize the amount of roads going in and out of it. The roundhouse Kato produces also attaches directly into it, without the need for advanced modelling.