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Kato 10-1287 313 1700 Iida Line 3-Car Set



Train Pack Includes: Multiple unit passenger train with power car

Vehicle Type: Motorized Passenger Train

Scale: N Japanese 1:150

Gauge: N (9mm)

Prototype Country of Origin: Japan

The 313 Series Electric Car was built since 1999 as a new standard type of JR Tokai. It runs in almost all areas of JR Tokai line. The flexibility of its operation -- such as operation with 4 cars, 4+2, 4+4, 2, etc. - results in many styles in actual service.

Series 313-8000 is used to be operated mostly as “Central Liner (Reserved Seat Commuter rapid)” (on Chuo line between Nagoya and Nakatsugawa) that was terminated in 2013. The train is currently in service as normal train or rapid train like series 313 with other car Nos. It is mostly operated as rapid trains between Nagoya and Nakatusgawa and as “Home Liner Mizunami” during evening rush hour.
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