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Kato 10-1176 N700A Nozomi Shinakansen 8 Car Add On Pack



Train Pack Includes: Add-on rolling stock for existing powered train pack

Vehicle Type: Shinkansen "Bullet Train"

Scale: N Japanese 1:150

Gauge: N (9mm)

Prototype Country of Origin: Japan

The N700 Shinkansen has become a representative vehicle for the Tokaido and Sanyo Shinkansen. The N700A (series N700 1000) is a high-tech vehicle that has adopted the constant-speed driving mechanism based on the N700 series, but has been upgraded. The basic performance and appearance conform to the N700 series, but with the pursuit of more stable driving, with the new mechanism that supports the driver's driving duties, the "A" of "Advance" that means forward progress It is called by the nickname of N700A in addition to N700. Since its business debut in 2012 the numbers of N700 will be increased to replace the 700 series.

This is a 8 car non motorized add on train pack.
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