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Kato 10-026 Tokaido Ueno Tokyo Line Train Set



Vehicle Type: Motorized Passenger Train

Scale: N Japanese 1:150

Gauge: N (9mm)

Rail Profile: Code 80

Prototype Country of Origin: Japan

Within the E233 series group, series E233 3000s is overwhelmingly operated in Tokyo metropolitan and Tohoku areas, extending to Tohoku and Takasaki lines in the north and Tokaido and Ito lines in the south. E233 3000s is seen as a current suburban train, consisting of 15 cars at the longest, operated on these main lines. E233-3000s is well-known in Tokyo metropolitan area today. You can connect it with E231 series, E259 series, E657 series express trains running on the same route, and enjoy the atmosphere of busy traffic of various trains on Ueno-Tokyo Line.

Set includes a 3 car motorized train pack as well as an oval of Kato unitrack and controller supplied with an Australian power supply. Contents are equivalent to the M1 Starter pack bundled with the train.
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