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Kadee 5 - #5 HO Gauge Couplers - Unassembled with Gearboxes - Medium (9/32") Centerset Shank (4pcs)



Information from Kadee's website:

No.5® Metal Couplers - Medium Centerset Shank

The one that started it all; the original No.5®. These industry-leading couplers feature all-metal construction, standard centering springs, and come complete with insulated draft gearboxes and lids. This is the perfect upgrade for the weak and drooping couplers that come on most factory rolling stock and locomotives. Others have tried to copy the robust design of the No.5® but nothing comes close to the real thing. Our classic #5 couplers are manufactured to the strictest tolerances to ensure reliable operation for decades. And they're still made right here in the USA with legendary Made In America quality.

The No.5® is interchangeable with the #28, #58, #118, #119, #148, #158, and most manufacturers' Medium Centerset OEM knuckle couplers.

Package Includes:

(2) Pair No.5® Metal Couplers - Medium Centerset Shank
(2) Pair #634 Centering Spring NO.5® Style
(2) Pair 232 Gearboxes
(2) Spare #622 Knuckle Springs

It is not recommended to use a metal coupler directly on a metal surface or in a metal draft gear box to avoid possible electrical crossover and shorting that may cause damage. Use the provided insulated gearbox or insulated #28 coupler.

Magne-MaticDelayed Magnetic Uncoupling

Kadee® Magne-Matic® Couplers and Uncouplers are a complete system for your model railroad layout. We've designed every product to work harmoniously with the Magne-Matic® system so that you can focus on enjoying your hobby instead of troubleshooting issues. Magne-Matic® technology ensures smooth and reliable hands-free coupling and uncoupling anywhere.
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