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Humbrol Enamel Paint Tin (14ml)

by Humbrol

Please note this item is not currently offered for purchase through our online store. You can visit Branchline to view and purchase the range or give us a call at (03) 9723 1211 to check stock.


Humbrol Enamels can be used through an airbrush or brushed onto your plastic models. They require Enamel thinners to reduce the consistency for either use case and for cleaning up afterwards. We recommend using Humbrol Enamel Thinners for this, but general enamel thinners can be used for cleaning your airbrush after use. Be sure to use the paints and these thinners in a well ventilated area, and when airbrushing; preferably use a vented airbrush booth and breathing gear.

Humbrol enamels come in a huge range of colour tones and lusters. Each tin's lid is labelled one of "Gloss", "Satin", "Matt", or "Met" (metallic). Several tones are available in multiples of these various finishes, so be careful when selecting which paint you need.

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