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Digitrax DS78V Eight Servo LocoNet Stationary & Accessory decoder for turnout control


Eight 9G servo decoder for 2-position Slow-motion turnouts.

Configurable to control eight 3-position semaphores.

Works with compatible LocoNet Systems.

Plug and play connections.

Option setup switches for configuration.

On-layout remote programmability via LocoNet.

16 System Routes, with EZ-Route setup.

Routes remotely editable using DT602 with latest software.

16 input lines for Switch and Detection inputs.

Optional 16 direct hardware Route triggers.

Software field update/IPL over LocoNet.

DC 2mm 12V jack for reliable power input.

Supports two DSXC4 input connector boards and cables.

Supports two BD4N’s for block detection reporting.

Supports 8 DSXCP1 Fascia control and direction indicators.

Supports DSXCP1 indicating ‘servo in motion’.

Optional DCC track input for limited feature capabilities.
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