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PECO GR-621B FR Short 'Bowsider' Bogie Coach - Early Preservation - Green 20



Vehicle Type: Passenger Car

Scale: OO 1:76

Gauge: OO-9 (9mm)

Prototype Country of Origin: UK

Information from Peco's website:

The four coaches in this group of vehicles were known as the 'Bowsiders' because of the shape of their sides, and were supplied by two builders in 1876 and 1879. Numbers 17 and 18 are the shorter coaches, delivered in 1876, and the two long coaches, numbers 19 and 20, arrived three years later in 1879. All four are in service on the Ffestiniog Railway today.
Our new models capture the subtle style of these coaches, with the 'bow' towards the bottom of the sides. The models feature very fine print detail too, including the Ffestiniog Railway company emblem. The livery is green with a cream trim around the upper half of the coach, and contrasting maroon end panels.
No. 17 wears this livery today. Fitted with metal-tyred wheels the coaches are lovely smooth runners.
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