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Kato 10-1213 Series 100 Shinkansen Grand Hikari Add On Pack (4pcs)



Train Pack Includes: Multiple unit passenger train with power car

Vehicle Type: Shinkansen "Bullet Train"

Scale: N Japanese 1:150

Gauge: N (9mm)

Prototype Country of Origin: Japan

The 100 Shinkansen is the second generation vehicle of the Tokaido / Sanyo Shinkansen. It appeared in 1985 during the JNR era. Unlike the rounded appearance of the original 0 series, the leading part called the shark nose has become sharper. It was active in the Tokaido / Sanyo Shinkansen.
In 1989, the 3000 series with 4 double-decker cars (previously 2 cars) was added to operating as “Grand Hikari”of JR West. From the capital letter V of the formation number, it was called "V Hikari" and was familiar to many people.

This is a 4 car non motorized add on pack.
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