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Track Conversion Table

Straight Track

Peco Hornby Bachmann
Quarter straight (38mm) R610 36-610
Standard Straight (168mm) ST-200 R600 36-600
Double Straight (335mm) ST-201 R601 36-601

Curved Track

ISO. Standard Straight and Switch ST-205 R618
First Radius Standard Curve (371mm radius) ST-220 R604
First Radius Double Curve (371mm radius) ST-221 R605
Second Radius Standard Curve (438mm radius) ST-225 R606 36-606
Second Radius Double Curve (438mm radius) ST-226 R607 36-607
Second Radius Half Curve (438mm radius) ST-227 R643 36-643
Third Radius Standard Curve (505mm radius) ST-230 R608 36-608
Third Radius Double Curve (505mm radius) ST-231 R609 36-609
852mm Radius Curve for use with Y point ST-238 R628 36-628

Points / Turnouts

Right Hand Point (Turnout) ST-240 R8073 36-873
Left Hand Point (Turnout) ST-241 R8072 36-872
Right Hand Curved Double Radius Point (Turnout) ST-244 R8075 36-875
Left Hand Curved Double Radius Point (Turnout) ST-245 R8074 36-874
Medium Radius Y Point (Turnout) ST-247 R8076 36-876
Right Hand Express Point (Turnout) R8078 36-878
Left Hand Express Point (Turnout) R8077 36-877

Track Crossing

Medium Crossing 22 1/2 Degree Angle ST-250 R614 Left
R615 Right

Level Crossing

Straight Add On Track for Level Crossing ST-264


Straight Level Crossing ST-268


Uncoupling Ramp (not interchangeable) ST-271 R617
Power Clip ST273 R602
Fixing Pins/Nails ST280 R207
Track Underlay Foam Roll SL-50 R638
Rail Joiners / Fishplates SL-10 R910
Buffer Stop, Rail Built SL-40 R083

Power And Control Equipment

Point Motors (Turnout) PL-10 R8014
Surface Mounted Point Motors (Turnout) PL-10E R8243

Point motors are not interchangeable without modification. Click here to see how

ON-OFF Switch PL-22 R047
ON-ON Switch PL-23 R046
Passing Contact Switch (for point motors) PL-26 R044
Track Cleaner/Rubber PL-41 R8087