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Rolling Stock

What are the main types of rolling stock?

There are generally three basic groups:
  • passenger cars;
  • goods trucks; and
  • permanent way vehicles (track repair, etc).

What types of passenger cars are common?

Two types, bogie and fixed wheel. The fixed wheel types are much less common today as they are usually shorter and so carry fewer people. Their wheels are fixed firmly to the carriage frame.

What are bogie carriages?

These are carriages which may be quite long and which have their wheels grouped together at either end. The wheels are grouped on a small frame which pivots below the long carriage frame. The arrangement allows long carriages to move easily around even very sharp curves.

Which model is best?

In most cases it is better to begin with the bogie sort. They will travel around tight curves easily and often over the uneven track common on first model railways.

How many carriages make up a train?

There is no set number. Some trains consist of only one or two carriages. Check out the books you have on your favorite railways looking closely at pictures of passenger trains.

Are all goods trucks the same?

No. There are fixed wheel ones which are quite common and and bogie ones. There are many different types of for many different jobs. Most common are the plain open trucks for carrying general goods, coal, ore, timber, etc and the covered ones for more easily damaged goods. Most trains also have a special truck or van for a guard at the tail of the train.

What are hoper cars?

These are large boxes on railway wheels with a funnel type of arrangement at the bottom to allow the contents to be dropped out easily.

What are tank cars?

They are tanks on railway wheels used to carry oil, petrol, gas, chemicals, and any other liquid products.